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World Bible School

Teaching the Word. Reaching the World.

It's simple...

In Matthew chapter 28, Jesus tells his disciples, "...go to all the nations of the earth and make followers of the people there." This statement is known as The Great Commission. It could also be called The Great Command, The Great Instruction, and The Great Duty. No matter how you put it, it's considered some of the most important words that have been spoken, printed, & read...ever.

World Bible School takes those words very seriously, which is exactly why they have made it their mission to Teach the Word & Reach the World. That's also why we have partnered with WBS - to help them fulfill that vitally important duty of making followers of Jesus out of every person from every nation on Earth.

No Jesus. No Peace.
Know Jesus. Know Peace.

Are you searching for true peace? A peace that defies comprehension & logic?
Then you need to know JESUS. It starts with a basic understanding of His word...the BIBLE.

Begin your journey toward...

the peace that surpasses all understanding.